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Large Hail Causes Damage Across Metro Atlanta Area March 2013

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Huge hail dropped on the Metro Atlanta area this week causing widespread hail damage across town.  Hail as large as 2.75″ dropped from the sky breaking windshields and causing damage to roofs. 

Numerous reports have shown storm damage has occured from hail in many areas including Stockbridge, Riverdale, Douglassville, McDonough, Newnan.  Not only did hail hit the newsworthy areas, we also have confirmed reports of hail in many cities across the Metro Atlanta area.

Any hailstorms which produce hail over 1″ in diameter can cause damage to roofs. 

We fully  expect the out of town storm chasers to rush into town in the next few days.  What does this mean to you, the homeowner?  First, you are in an area where insurance companies expect to pay for roof replacement.  That’s why the storm chasers come into town.  They know the percentages of approval of roof claims will be high for the next 6 months. 

Here’s the problem you don’t understand.  They will help you file the claim and they’ll help you get your roof claim approved.  Those are the good things.  The downside is…. the out of town roofing companies will use roofing crews they don’t know and don’t oversee.  Then in 1-2 years when you have a problem because of poor installation…. they will be gone.

Home Asset Protection Services, LLC is a local Metro Atlanta based company located in Suwanee, GA.  We have years of experience in the hail damage claims industry, we know the adjusters, we know the area, and we have references all over the Metro Atlanta area who had their roofs replaced from a hail damage or wind damage claim.

If you are interested in fair representation from an honest company call George at 404-933-6610, Geovani at 770-906-1356, or Louis at 678-886-9600; or fill out a free inspection request form at CLICK HERE.  We’ll arrange for a free inspection to determine if you have enough hail damage to warrant filing a claim, and we’ll assist you through the entire claims process from filing the claim to building the roof to dealing with the insurance companies.

Don’t make the mistake of dealing with a storm chaser from out of town.  Otherwise, you might end up like the many homeowners who have utilized our leak repair division to clean up the mess left behind from sub par installation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  There are keys to success when dealing with hail damage claims and the insurance companies.  Contact today.  

PS. For those of you who want to do your homework, feel free to read through this blog for more information on hail damage, roofing claims, and how the insurance process works when dealing with storm damage claims and insurance adjusters.

Make Sure and Use Experienced Roofers when Replacing Your Roof from Hail Damage

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We use experienced Roofing Contractors to Make sure the work is done right.

We use experienced Roofing Contractors to Make sure the work is done right.

We’ve heard some horror stories about roofers who have taken advantage of homeowners who aren’t experienced in dealing with hail damage claims.

For example, one homeowner explained their roofer ordered the shingles, had them delivered, and completed the work; but the roofer skipped town without paying for the shingles after collecting the money from the homeowner.  Guess who had to pay for the shingles?  The homeowner.

Be sure and check references before agreeing to any deals with contractors.  There are plenty of reputable companies who will take good care of your needs…you’ve just got to find them.

At Home Asset Protection Services we eliminate the guesswork by providing you with local, licensed, bonded, and insured contractors with a proven track record of quality work.  In addition, our approved contractors offer a 5 year warranty on the workmanship of their work performed.   We believe using local contractors is very important to help ensure repairs will be made if problems occur in the future.  If you use an out of state contractor you may find it difficult to find someone to correct mistakes if they are made and determined at a later time.

Don’t take chances.  Your home is one of your most important assets.  Use Home Asset Protection Services if you suspect you have hail damage on your roof and you want a professional team to assist you in process.

Note: We currently service the Metro Atlanta area only.  Call 404-933-6610 if you would like to schedule an appointment to determine if you may qualify for a new roof due to damage suffered from hail storms.