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Roofing Atlanta: Why Quality is so Important (pros & cons)

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In our line of work we see it all….and I promise you there is a big difference in quality vs. price in the roofing industry.

Common mistakes we see include:

  • Poor attention in valleys:  In the valleys you need extra protection other than shingles & felt.  We suggest (and always use) ice & water shield in the valleys.  This is an asphalt based material with an adhesive backing which sticks to the decking.  This prevents water from penetrating the valley.  Some use valley metal which is long lasting.  The only issue is it does allow water penetration at the edges because it is nailed down instead of stuck to the decking.
  • Nailing issues:  We often see common mistakes when nailing. 1. Not enough nails (we use 5 minimum per shingle) 2. High Nailing: this is where roofing crews nail the shingles too close to the top of the shingles. Picture shingles which have come loose in sections and fallen off the roof.  3. Low nailing: Nails applied below the lower row of shingles will cause a leak sooner or later.  4. Nail pops: This is where nails are sticking up and eventually poke through the shingle.  This can occur if crews don’t remove nails from previous roof or if nail gun pressure is set too low during application.  Short nails: this mostly pertains to the thicker shingles such as architectural shingles where the nail doesn’t penetrate the shingle, felt underlayment, and wood decking.
  • Flat areas: This is a big problem.  Flat roof sections don’t have enough pitch to channel water downhill so basic asphalt shingles and felt don’t do the job.  You either need entire area covered with Ice & Water shield with shingles or, better yet, use a 2 piece flat roof system which includes a smooth base sheet covered by an asphalt granular cap sheet. (See pics below).
  • Flashing: This is the metal material used to channel water where the roof meets walls or chimneys.  We do leak repair on many roofs and flashing issues are the problem most often…especially on brick chimneys.
  • Poor ventilation: Proper ventilation is necesary to allow your roof (and attic) to “breathe”.  This prevents shingles blisters, it keeps the attic cooler, and it is necessary to maintain your shingle manufacturers warranty.  Proper roof ventilation can be ridge vent, power vents, and/or turtle vents (square “boxes”).  The proper ventilation has to be determined on a case by case basis depending on the type of roof you have and the square footage which needs to be ventilated.  We see 4′ of ridge vent on a tiny peak installed to ventilate  1200 SF of space.
  • Poor Preparation & Cleanup:  It is best to put tarps out in the areas surrounding structure to prevent unecessary damage to yard, driveways, plants, etc.  While it is almost impossible to take 1000 lbs + off a roof without some minor damage to plants, etc. proper prep will minimize issues.  Also, it is wise to move outdoor furniture, potted plants, etc before work begins.  Finally, advise roofing company supervisor of delicate areas such as tomatoe plants where you would like debris kept away as much as possible.  Cleanup is self explanatory.  If they don’t pick up the nails and debris you will not be happy.
  • Poor Project Management:  many companies use crews they barely know and there is no one to oversee that the work is being done properly.  They choose cheap labor to make more money, and the owner or project manager doesn’t take the time to ensure “danger zones” are taken care of.  I know of several BIG companies who use cheap, unkwown crews…..and the owner’s rarely ever go to a job site.  FYI, advertising doesn’t make a company great…..quality work and strong customer service works.

I hate to say it but we see alot of the above when we are reroofing homes in the Metro Atlanta area.

One way to determine if a roofing company knows what they’re doing is to ask if they do leak repairs.  If they say no run like the wind.  Many won’t perform leak repairs because they are afraid they can’t diagnose and correct the problem.  If they won’t offer to repair the leak, but instead ask you to file a claim for a new roof you should probably be cautions.

I’m not happy writing this post, but I feel compelled in order to educate homeowners on this industry.  We have lost jobs where we KNOW problems will occur as competitor pricing is below proper material and labor cost.  Roof replacement is not something you want to cut corners on.  Leaks can damage ceilings, walls, flooring, furniture, and lead to mold issues.

Our company Home Asset Protection Services does it right.  We ALWAYS use ice and water shield in valleys, at flashing, and around vents and exhausts, we ALWAYS use 5 nails minimum per shingles, we ALWAYS use proper ventilation, we ALWAYS use correct flashing techniques, and we ALWAYS guarantee our work.

See pictures below from a recent project where specific expertise was required and additional services were provided to make the client extremely pleased they chose HAPS as their roofer.

If you have leaks or if you are considering having your roof inspected or replaced call us at 404-933-6610 or CLICK HERE to fill out a form for a FREE estimate/inspection.  We will provide photos and an accurate description of the condition of your roof.  If you have storm damage we will advise you and assist you accordingly.  If you have issues such as those listed above we will advise you and make the corrections.  If you just need a maintenance package to get your roof in good condition we will advise you of these options as well.

We also provide detailed reports for bank or insurance companies who request a roof inspection report before they will refinance or insure your home.  If you need a roof inspection report call 404-933-6610 or CONTACT US to discuss.

Please understand, every roof is not an insurance claim.  Some just need repairs and/or TLC.

When deciding on your roofing company check references, ask questions about items listed above, and don’t base your decision on price alone.

Roofing Done Right !

Pictures of a recent project completed in Dunwoody.  First picture is the completed job DONE RIGHT!   Second picture shows where we installed additional downspout which takes water fromt the top roof to the bottom roof gutter.  Picture 3 shows the damaged decking which was caused by the previous gutter system.  We changed out the decking and added additional gutter and downspout in the open area.  Picture 4 shows properly installed ridge vent which gave the roof proper ventilation to maintain manufacturer’s lifetime shingle warranty.

Click Here for a FREE inspection.



George Hearn


Home Asset Protection Services

Stop your ROOF LEAKS before the damage gets too expensive.

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If you’ve noticed wet spots or brown spots on your ceilings you obiviously have a leak in your home.  In most cases these leaks are caused by problems on your roof or busted/leaking pipes.

Roof Leaks can cause major damage including drywall damage, insulation, damage, mold, and in extreme cases….damage to your flooring.

If you see signs of water damage on your ceiling contact us for a free inspection of your roof to determine what needs to be done to stop the leak.

We not only perform leak repairs, we also have ROOF TUNEUP PACKAGES where we do the following:

  1. Inspect your roof for areas of concern
  2. Seal exposed nails.
  3. Repair and/or seal all vents.
  4. Repair or replace all pipe boots and seal same areas.
  5. Repair damaged or missing flashing.
  6. Repair loose flashing at chimneys & walls.
  7. Replace up to 10 shingles
  8. Nail down and seal any nail pops.
  9. Caulk all toe board holes.
  10. Repair and/or caulk ridge vent.

Preventive maintenance IS necessary on your roof.  The best caulk (which we use) generally wears out after 3-5 years, so if your roof is at least this old it is probably best to have someone inspect your roof to determine if these services are necessary.  CLICK HERE FOR FREE INSPECTION.  When you click the link you will see a Free Estimate form to fill out which will forward your information to us.  We will have a representative contact you within 24 hrs to make an appointment to inspect your roof.

Home Asset Protection Services (HAPS) is a full service home repair and home improvement company in the Metro Atlanta area who specializes in roofing, siding, drywall repair, painting, decks, flooring, wood rot repair, windows, doors, etc. so feel free to request other services throught the same contact us form, or call us at 404-933-6610.

We have references throughout the Metro Atlanta area as we have repaired or replaced roofs in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Acworth, Buford, Cobb, Conyers, Cumming, Decatur, Dekalb, Duluth, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Gwinnett, John’s Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Mableton, Marietta, McDonough, Norcross, Roswell, Sandtown, Smyrna, Snellville, Sugar Hill, and Suwanee.

Your home is most likely one of you biggest assets.  Let Home Asset Protection Services, LLC (HAPS) help you protectyour asset to give you the piece of mind in knowing your home will last.

HAPS Top Roofer in Dunwoody in 2011

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We were so excited to hear that our company, Home Asset Protection Services, LLC (HAPS) has been recognized as one of the top residential roofing companies in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs Georgia for 2011.

According to the City of Dunwoody code compliance department, HAPS rebuilt more roofs in this lovely city than just about every other roofing company.  We take great pride in this accomplishment as we greatly value our relationship with the citizens of this community.  City Code C0mpliance Inspector Phil Paulin commented, “I keep a close watch on the roofing companies who come into our fine city, and I trust George Hearn and HAPS more that any other company.  When I inspect their jobs I know they are doing to job right; and therefore I know with confidence they are taking good care of the citizens of our community.”

Our company,  Home Asset Protection Services, LLC is a full service Home Repair and Home Improvement company who services the North Metro Atlanta area.  Owner George Hearn states, “Dunwoody and Sandy Springs are #1 for us for a reason.  Almost all of our experiences in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs have been fantastic.  The people are kind, intelligent, and they care about their homes and their community.  Our high volume of roofing jobs is only the beginning.  We look forward to continuing to serve this fine community as our clients continue to maintain and/or make improvements to their homes.  The homes are beautiful, the city is thriving, and the citizens deserve to have a relationship with a company who cares about their clients satisfaction more than the almighty dollar.”

If you are considering Roofing, Painting, Siding, Flooring, Tree Removal, Kitchen/Bath upgrades, drywall repair, or just about any other home project we hope you’ll call 404-933-6610 for a free consultation and estimate.

Our company is built on trust and courtesy combined with a committment to going ‘over and above’ our requirements to ensure our clients are satisfied.  These relationships result in great referrals, repeat business, and satisfaction by the homeowner’s and the company.

If you have NOT had your roof inspected, call us at 404-933-6610 for a free inspection to determine the condition of your roof.  If we find storm related damage…we will assist you throughout the entire claims process from start to finish.  If you don’t have damage, we will advise you accordingly so you will not file frivolous claims with your insurance company.  We’ve seen many roofs with no damage where the homeowner filed a claim because a roofing company either didn’t have experience in identifying hail damage/storm damage, or they just had the homeowner file the claim in hopes it would get approved by the insurance company.  We think this is unfair to the homeowner.  Our approval ratings are in the 90% range because we don’t file them unless we feel there is a decent chance of approval.  We don’t guarantee approval because the claim can only be approved by the insurance company.  Their opinions are subjective based on the adjuster who runs the appointment.  With HAPS, we also treat the insurance adjusters with courtesy and honesty; and this reputation has served us well in the field.

Home Asset Protection Services, LLC (HAPS) is locally owned and operated out of Suwanee, GA.  Please visit our website at for more information; or call us at 404-933-6610 if you would like one of our representatives to assist you with any upcoming project.

HAPS Roofing and Home Improvement continues to satisfy Homeowners across Metro Atlanta Area

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We’ve had a VERY busy year in 2011 with a 95% + approval rating with insurance companies.  We attribute our high approval rate to providing honest preinspections, trustworthy relationships with adjusters, and hundreds of adjuster meetings worth of experience to KNOW what the adjusters require to approve claims.
Below are pictures of a couple of recent jobs for your review.
If you are interested in determining IF your roof has enough damage to file a claim please call 404-933-6610 to arrange for a preinspection.  If you have leaks which are not storm related, we also do leak repairs to stop the damage to your home.
Moire Black Architectural Shingles, 2 new solar powered vents

Recent roof replaced in Dunwoody


Lawrenceville Re Roof, home repairs, and Exterior Paint Job

We look forward to growing our client relationships in the future.  We have a great huge list of referrals across the Metro Atlanta area.  Feel free to contact us at 404-933-6610 for informataion on our company or to arrange for one of our honest and trustworthy associates to meet with you about your upcoming home repair or home improvement projects.

Buying and Flipping Foreclosures or Fixer Uppers in Metro Atlanta?

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In this depressed real estate market, there are some very good deals available at very attractive pricing.  Banks are stuck holding thousands of foreclosures with declining prices leaving banks in a tough position.  Some of the best deals are houses which need repairs to get them in sellable or rentable shape.

“Aligning the stars” to get the work done is a timely task full of risks.  Using different contractors for different scopes of work can cause scheduling nightmares, extra time, he said/she said problems, and more people to deal with when problems occur.

At Home Asset Protection Services ( HAPS ) , our ability to perform multiple tasks makes us a perfect choice for a company to align with to get your investment ready for market.  We can perform just about any project needed in the Metro Atlanta market to restore the property to sellable or rentable condition.

For example, on this recent job we cleaned and caulked the roof, repaired the soffit and fascia, replaced a large window, reglazed older windows, repaired trim, removed old (molded) drywall, dryed and dehumidified basement which had flooded, eliminated mold, installed dehumidifyers, installed new sheetrock, installed a few new doors, and changed all locks.

The investor was very pleased because we were able to focus on the job and he did not have to shuffle around the schedules of other contractors.  Also, if there was a concern, the investor only had to make one call.

This project took 1 1/2 weeks to complete.  We guestimate that project would’ve taken a month if multiple contractors were used.  Also, we were able to give discounts due to opportunity to complete multiple tasks which were related, i.e. put in window while drywall mud dried, use 1 dumpster for demo of various items, etc.

FYI, investor purchased this home in July 2010, had it rented within 1 month, and received and accepted an offer to buy the house after 6 months resulting in a 25K profit.

Investor decided to sell the property; and we are working with them on the next project….an older home in foreclosure with structural concerns, drainage concerns, and many repairs to restore the house to livable condition.

If you are interested in buying distressed properties and fixing them up to sell, call 404-933-6610 to make an appointment to have our team evaluate your scope of work, make suggestions for repairs, and provide estimates to help you prepare to set pricing for sale or rent.

If you have a list of suggested repairs from an inspector, we will be glad to quote those repairs. 

Bottom line, you want to get the house ready to list as soon as possible;  and you want to minimize expense without sacrificing quality.

Here’s an example of what can go wrong:  We were involved in another foreclosure job where the investor subbed out work to various contractors.  The paint guy hired a painter off the internet who he had never even met.  The painter quit halfway through the job.  This delayed 2 days.  Then the painter (who usually should caulk before painting)….didn’t do caulking.  The painter said that we were supposed to do that part.  Later the flooring guy banged up the baseboards.  Then the plumber cut into the newly installed drywall ceiling to look for a potential leak.  The investor had to pay to get the drywall rehung, mudded, taped, sanded, skimmed, and painted.  This cost around $300 more and cost another 2 days.  By the end of the job, the investor said he would never do that again.

We’re in the business so we understand that most go for the cheapest way possible; but we also understand price doesn’t usually equate on multiple projects.   When all was said and done, the investor would’ve saved hundreds and at least 30 hr.s of headaches and missed work if he would’ve used one…or a couple at most…contractors. 

We’ll be happy to discuss your foreclosure repair scope of work if you have purchased an investment property and you are interested in getting it ready for market.  Call 404-933-6610 to speak George today.

Good luck with your investment, and good luck in achieving a strong ROI.

New Deck Information

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Interested in a new deck? We can do the job right. There are many facets of building a deck which require expertise. Your contractor needs to discuss many options: Materials, Type of Railing, Stairs, Structure, Decking, Dimensions, etc.

On this recent project we were dealt with a difficult situation. The previous contractor had built a shed but left the job when he got to the deck. Apparently the posts for the deck were too tall to hold the correct joists to support the weight of the deck system. We had to cut down the metal posts, re weld plates, work around the shed, and use special beams to bear the load for this size of deck.  We also built wider than normal stairs (48″) to help elderly homeowners walk together for support.

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Our decision to use the special beams gave us enough load bearing support to allow homeowner to screen in porch for a future project.

When using pressure treated lumber decking, you need to allow time for the wood to “cure” before staining. We recommend 3 months.

If you are interested in having a new deck built, repairing an existing deck, or staining of your current deck, call us at 404-933-6610 for a free consultation and estimate.

Interior Painting During The Winter

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As we move into the cold winter months, our business moves inside to interior painting, drywall repair, basement completions, kitchens……and busted pipes 😦

If you are considering any interior projects now is a good time to move forward.

We just finished a whole house interior painting job in a beautiful golf course home.  An interior decorator chose some wonderful warm colors and we painted the ceilings, walls, crown moulding, wainscotting, windows, doors, baseboards, bookshelves, and even the garage.

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As for the busted pipes…in most cases we repair the pipes, dry the floors, repair water damaged areas, treat for mold remediation, repair the drywall, and paint newly repaired areas.  If you need help with busted pipes call 404-933-6610 and we’ll be glad to help.   Our experience with insurance companies could help you get a lot more work covered than you can usually do alone.

Need Painting and Drywall Work in Gwinnett

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If you have any interior or exterior painting needs Home Asset Protection Services is ready to help.  We are a full service home improvement company, so we don’t just paint your house…..we do it right.

What’s the difference?  We can repair your wood trim, we can repair or replace your windows and doors, we can repair or replace your sheetrock, we can repair or replace your siding or gutters, and we can assist you in choosing the right paint types and colors for your home.

Painting is the most affordable way to upgrade your home.  If you need a change, this is a great way to improve your home to further enjoy your living area.

Call Home Asset Protection Services at 404-933-6610 if you have any home improvement or repair projects, and we’ll have a representative meet with you to provide a free estimate for your consideration.

Our goal is to do such a good job that you’ll never want to call another contractor for your future projects.