July 2018 Storms Damage Roofs in Gwinnett

There have been several severe thunderstorms in Gwinnett County over the past few weeks.  Heavy rain, high winds, and hail have caused damage to many homes across the county…and many homeowners are unaware of the effect of the storms on their roof.

Wind damage to shingles can cause damage to roof which may not show up as leaks until a later date, and insurance companies know that replacing roofs BEFORE the water intrusion occurs can save considerable claim losses…especially in the area of mold remediation.

As a result, it is wise to have your roof inspected to determine if wind damage has occurred.  It’s not just missing shingles that lead to claim approval.  Creased shingles also “count” as damage.  Each company has requirements as far as the number of damaged shingles which qualify for a claim, and we understand those limitations.

If you have water leaking into your home…you need a contractor now.  It may be a repair job, or it may lead to a claim and a full roof replacement paid for by your insurance.

When storms occur, it is very common for “storm chasers” to come into town and look for claim opportunities to generate sales.  The storm chasers are good at claim assistance, but the problem is…they are often out of town companies.  We’ve seen it over and over…a homeowner gets a new roof, and down the road they have a problem from the installation.  When they call the company who replaced the roof, they often find the company is nowhere to be found.  While we do not like the result of this occurrence, we get a lot of repair business as a result (at the expense of the homeowner).

If you suspect you may have damage on your roof, call us at 404-933-6610 to set up an inspection or repair.  As a local based company with years of experience dealing with claims and repairs, we can help and give you the piece of mind that you will be “covered” in the future.

In the industry, we understand their are two types of roofing companies….shingle layers and roofers.  True roofers can diagnose leaks and do proper repairs (not just apply caulk as a cheap band-aid). Shingle layers can apply shingles quickly and efficiently, but they do not pay special attention to areas susceptible to leaks such as chimneys, wall flashings, dead valleys, eaves, etc.

Even it you don’t use our company, Home Asset Protection Services (HAPS), we highly suggest you use a local company who has experience and expertise in leak repairs.  A new roof can last for years, so don’t fall for the cheap fix or you may be throwing money at an issue on a recurring basis.  “Do it right the first time” is our motto, and we take pride in our honest and professional record of service.

Call George Hearn at 404-933-6610 if you are concerned about your roof, and he will make arrangements to help you determine if you potentially qualify for a claim or if you need a proper repair.

Stay safe!

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