I need a good Roofing Company I can trust.

Sorry for the “soapbox” moment, but I just finished quoting a $1900 roof repair on a home which was re roofed 3 months ago.  The homeowner was frustrated because she paid for a new roof, and then had leaks soon thereafter.  What caused the problem?  Shortcuts and inexperience.

Again, I apologize for venting, but as a contractor in this industry, it’s frustrating to see these types of problems over and over.

Honestly, there are two types of roofing contractors….shingle layers and professionals.  Shingle layers are fast and efficient, they work hard, but they don’t stop to take the time to work with the meticulous parts of a roof which are prone to leak.  Professionals are also fast and efficient, but they pay careful attention to the meticulous areas such as flashing at walls, flashing at chimneys, valleys, flat roofs, eaves, etc.

Of course a lot of these issues are a result of price wars.  People shopping for the best price drive contractors many to cut corners to compete.  We don’t do that.  It costs us a lot of jobs, but in the long run…it pays off.  We don’t have to deal with angry homeowners who spent thousands of dollars and then had problems.  Instead, we deal with frustrated homeowners who spent thousands of dollars with another contractor who won’t “own up” to their mistakes.

Okay, off the soapbox.

If you need a new roof or a roof repair, call HapsAtlanta at 404-933-6610 to get an honest opinion, a quality job, and a fair price for doing it right the first time. Quite often we can diagnose the issue and provide an estimate with a satellite view from Google Maps. How? It’s called experience.  We repair roof leaks every day. We know where the “shortcuts” are taken, and we can predict where the leaks are.

If you need a good roofing contractor, give us a call at 404-933-6610.  Hopefully it’s just a routine maintenance job which is causing your issues…and not a major issue due to poor installation.

We look forward to working with you!

Home Asset Protection Services, LLC (HAPS)


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