New Deck Information

Interested in a new deck? We can do the job right. There are many facets of building a deck which require expertise. Your contractor needs to discuss many options: Materials, Type of Railing, Stairs, Structure, Decking, Dimensions, etc.

On this recent project we were dealt with a difficult situation. The previous contractor had built a shed but left the job when he got to the deck. Apparently the posts for the deck were too tall to hold the correct joists to support the weight of the deck system. We had to cut down the metal posts, re weld plates, work around the shed, and use special beams to bear the load for this size of deck.  We also built wider than normal stairs (48″) to help elderly homeowners walk together for support.

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Our decision to use the special beams gave us enough load bearing support to allow homeowner to screen in porch for a future project.

When using pressure treated lumber decking, you need to allow time for the wood to “cure” before staining. We recommend 3 months.

If you are interested in having a new deck built, repairing an existing deck, or staining of your current deck, call us at 404-933-6610 for a free consultation and estimate.

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